Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pregnancy 101

Pardon my hiatus... I've been feeling a little under the weather... Not so much so, however, that I wasn't able to contemplate how each of my pregnancies has been very different. This one the most so. I thought I would, just for giggles, document a few of the similarities... For posterity and such...
I know I am pregnant when....
I cry. At movie previews. During commercials involving kittens, puppies, babies, fudge... Anything, really. At how cute my girls are. At how dirty my floor is. I'm a sap. Its annoying...
My face looks like a 13 year old boy in a bout of hormonal development. It is not pretty.
I forget EVERYTHING. My children's names. What day it is. My pants.
No lie.
My house is a disaster. And I don't care. Anyone who knows me knows how big of a deal this is.
Fast food and I are B.F.F.'s. I feel to yucky to cook, and nothing at the house sounds nearly as good as a hamburger. Sorry family!!
I want to vomit. All day.
And despite all of this, the thing I mostly feel is ELATED! All the time. I cannot believe I have been blessed enough to conceive and create another miracle with my hubby. I cannot wait to meet him/her. I cannot wait to hold them and welcome them to our family. I feel blessed. I'll take to mood swings, the acne, the dirty floors and the weird looks as I walk outside in my undies any day for this and all of my babies.
And that my friends, is how I know I'm pregnant...
Now I need help naming this baby!! Any suggestions?!?


Kendall and Lee'sa

I had no idea!!! Congrats!!! Please please call me or email me if you need anything! I'm serious!

Jessica GaleForce

Grats on the baking addition!! Thats awesome. Jared says if its a boy you should name him Jared. Lol